Colombia minerales

About Us

COLOMBIA MINERALES INDUSTRIALES S.A.S (COMIND) is a company of the Group Minerali Industriali, focused on two main business: extraction, treatment and selling of the raw materials for glass, ceramic, painting and sanitary-ware industries and the design, building and start up of turnkey mining plants and equipment.

Minerali Industriali’s presence in the world counts 14 production units in Italy, 4 in Europe, 4 in North Africa and 5 in Center and South America. The main activities are certified ISO 9001:2008, while the operating Italian unit of Maffei Sarda Silicati of Orani-Ottana has obtained the excellence certification regarding quality, environment and safety.

Colombia Minerales Industriales S.A.S bought in 2008 a deposit of silica sand in the state of Cundinamarca and in October 2008 obtained from “Ministerio de Energia y Mineria” the Mining Concession complete of environmental license with a duration of 30 years. The ore deposit has reserves of high quality sand in excess of 30 million tones.

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